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Soccer Tournament Management Services based in Minneapolis Minnesota.

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We'll Plan, Organize & Run an Excellent Tournament

It will be run so well, teams and attenders will look forward to your tournament every year.

Tournaments Can Be Your Best Fundraiser

An excellent tournament can serve as your best fundraiser every year, but a poorly run tournament can harm your reputation and lose opportunities.

We'll make your tournament flawless.
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Daniel Dietzel

Over 20 years of project and event management experience specializing in scheduling.

Organized & Experienced

Process, communication and organization are in my blood as a long time professional PMP certified project manager.  


I love empowering youth sports clubs to enjoy the benefits of running a spectacular, must-attend, tournament without having deal with the hassle of planning a top level event.

What We Handle:

We handle everything so your tournament is run with excellence, but here are some specific ways we will help.
Logistics & 
Vendors &
Marketing the
Referee Staging
& Assignment
Facilities, Fields & Venues

Get a Tournament that's an Annual "Can't Miss"

We are tournament enthusiast project managers that will take ownership of your tournament & deliver a world-class, professionally run tournament at a fantastic value.

Fully Manage the Operations of the Tournament

We know how to run a perfect tournament and we will do it all for you.

Tournament Software Help

We evaluate all the different tournament software and advise which option is best for your tournament.

Schedules, Refs & Pairing

We will make sure your teams are paired best as possible, avoiding blowouts and maximizing enjoyment for all.
Avoid last minute schedule changes
We are expert schedulers. We get schedules out early, and handle special scheduling requests
We plan for contingencies to avoid reschedules
We'll navigate the software setup & technology
We handle all registration, sanctioning & updates
We work hard to avoid blowouts & mismatches
You'll save tons of Staff & Board time
We'll guide on tournament pricing & how to stay competitive
We'll handle everything!
Excellent Communicaiton

We Own All Communication Including:

- Scheduling requests / travel conflicts
- Sanctioning
- Tournament Reports to the board leading up to your event
- Number of team capacity
- Capacity updates
- Financial updates
Don't Get Stuck

We Take Away the Guess Work

Don't get stuck trying to become an expert on tournament pricing or tournament software; we're highly familiar.

We will help you decide on the right tournament software, utilize the best parts of it and we'll even provide leadership to everyone around the software.

We'll also help you choose pricing for your tournament after performing comparisons to other tournaments around the country.

We will provide perspective, guidance & help, but all wrapped with helpful humility you'll enjoy working with.
Minimize Reschedules & Mistakes

We Obsess About Minimizing Mistakes & Changes

Game day changes, or last minute requests, make things difficult for everyone.  We work carefully leading up to tournaments to communicate clearly and proactively, so that mistakes are minimized.

Our data validation processes mean fewer reschedules, fewer mismatches, better organization and easier operations.

Your tournament will run smoother because we have perfected simple, yet effective ways to process coaching conflicts, schedule blackouts, and other requests to minimize changes and mistakes.

Get an Excellent, Professionally Run Tournament Now

Lets Go!
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Your Tournament Will Gain a Reputation for Excellence

We are project managers that thrive on process & details, so you don't have to.
35% More Affordable
You'll see that Events FC is nearly 35% more affordable than other soccer tournament managers.
90% Highly Recommend
Our tournaments are reputation builders, when we poll teams and participants, over 90% would highly recommend the tournament again.
1000 hrs Saved
We'll save you over 1,000 hours of time when we handle your tournament. Things will get MUCH easier.
This company saw 2x growth within the first month of using Feedbackwrench
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Your Tournaments Will Become "Can't Miss" Events.

Your Volunteers & Board members will thank you.

The participants will enjoy high levels of competitive play.